Subject: Learning SDK, mobile White Label and endless income

Travelpayouts School: Mobile apps.

Hi! 🖐️

We just can’t forget about mobile traffic, especially since it’s growing faster than the number of our affiliates.

Here’s some good news. Normally, a cookie file is stored for 30 days. However, when a mobile app is installed via an affiliate link, cookie files are stored forever.

💁 Check out the three best methods for making money from mobile apps with Travelpayouts:

The official app

There are two ways to profit from the official app:

  1. Share your affiliate link for downloading the Hotellook or Jetradar apps for users. Once installed, all user purchases in the app are your eternal source of income.
  2. A user clicks your link to get to the Jetradar/Hotellook website and downloads an app. Congratulations! Now the user’s purchases are forever linked to you.

A White Label app

You don’t like our apps? :(

It’s fine, we (only kinda) don’t mind. We’ve even created an empty iOS app and uploaded it to AppStore.

Add your colors, insert your logo, give it a name of your choice and share it with your users. All their purchases will be linked to you. Read more about it in our blog.

Travelpayouts SDK

Do you already have your own awesome app? Build plane ticket and hotel searches right in your app with Travelpayouts SDK!

Find out more on working with SDK in our blog:

Don’t forget, you don’t have to be a developer to make money from mobile apps.

Have questions? Check out our knowledge base.

Enjoy your instant income!

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Liza Rudykh